Daily Mind-ful 18 April 2017

I woke up feeling strung out by a lot of what I can only term “urban” concerns, career,
money, etc; so I stated my goals out loud today (to make an honest woman out of myself) and made my friend Denise do the same; you know you’re old when you remind your good friends of their mom; took Denise to Wyken Hall/Wyken Vineyard so she could experience an idyllic English garden; if only I could interview people in my kitchen…; I discovered that photos taken with the “LIVE” setting on the iPhone camera are actually video snippets which play when the thumbnail image is pressed on the iPhone camera roll; the highlight of the day is definitely John pretending to conduct Mozart; for the record, I’m neither a fan of Roger Federer or Mozart,
believe it or not.

Daily Mind-ful 6 April 2017

Daily vlog diary: The economic tax of slow internet in the countryside; until now, I’d taken high speed broadband for granted and considered it a god-given right; what it means to be an artist – not that I’m a good one, of course; my son, Sam, helped me realize that I have an obsessive, nearly pathological artistic need to vlog; it’s quite possibly the most liberating thing that’s ever happened to me as an adult; now, I don’t worry about being popular or building a following and just follow sheer personal conviction; my biggest life-hack is religiously reading The Week; my first visit to London Chinatown; my cousin, Yang May, talked about her upcoming play, Butterfly in Blue Jeans, at China Exchange; Asians are probably the biggest users of Dettol in the world. All my cousins had a bottle in their handbags and one cousin was wearing her Dettol on the outside; home in time to enjoy a cocktail with John and Patrick.

Daily Mind-ful 4 April 2017

Daily vlog diary: Now safely ensconced back home in the countryside; today’s publishing is mostly mercenary and in the pocket of advertisers, but not in-flight magazines; internet in the countryside blows; that’s why they sell DVDs at grocery stores in the countryside; vlog attempt (to explain why Vikings smashes pernicious female stereotypes) defeated – but only for today.