Daily Mind-ful 22 April 2017 (Country Fair)

Praise God: The EE SIM for our home broadband finally arrived; the video camera is awesome – less so, the 179 new clips I filmed at FORMAT which I now need to cobble into a film. Uh oh; today, John and I are going to the East Anglian Game & Country Fair, which is about all things related to country living (except gardening), and takes place at Euston Hall in Thetford, the home of the Duchess of Thetford; you can’t attend an event like this without dressing in green, dark hunter green, from head to toe — of course. And since I’ll be the only Chinese person there, I really HAVE to wear green – to camouflage myself; battery-operated pigeon decoys; shooting (lots); fudge; giant Indian cauldrons called kadais which John swoons over (and which we end up buying, ultimately); it’s all new to me and I love learning the ins and outs of a new subculture; I fall in love with a hunting brand named Fortis clothing because of its urban styling which wouldn’t be out of place in Harajuku even; I see a clay pigeon shooter for the first time in my life; pies, pies, pies; garlic from the Isle of Wight; clay pigeon shooting; horseshoe making; alpacas make the quietest bleating sound, entirely disproportionate to their large bodies; the people watching at the fair is sans pareil, encompassing everything from urban hipsters, to farmers, to in-bred white trash; I email a complaint to the fair about one of the food suppliers, Farm to Fork, because of the disgusting, denatured, processed quality of the hamburger they sold me; you have to complain in life, not just take it lying down; otherwise, all that spleen, anger and resentment just ruins your day — and for what? It’s better to do something — at the very least — to save other unwitting consumers from a similar bad experience.