Daily Mind-ful 3 April 2017

Daily vlog diary: Back to England; it’s totally fucked up that we feel guilty taking time off unless we’re very ill; time for Popeye’s because I’ve been downgraded; the new Brioni ad starring Samuel Jackson is pure genius but will Chinese people get it? 12 hours of movies and TV later, I’m in England again; travel woes; HOME, at last!

Daily Mind-ful 31 March 2017

Daily vlog diary: Skiving because of tennis; What I’m planning to do for a living after six months off; banking — Hong Kong style; Ivy League universities are undoubtedly in decline because of the increasing importance of tech and computer science; the humanities are under direct threat for the same reason; I just launched my website, www.culturevlog.com; last meal in Hong Kong with my son, Sam.
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