Vlog #7: Not just a book review

This vlog is about my extremely personal reaction to last year’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel, The Sellout by Paul Beatty. This novel is a caustic and hilarious condemnation of political correctness. Reading it allowed me to understand (in the most backwards-ass fashion possible) why the righteous, high-minded condemnation of historical oppressions by do-gooding, white, liberal progressives bugs the crap out of me. I say “the most backwards-ass fashion possible” because it took the absurd character of Beatty’s “Me”, an over-educated, young black farmer from East LA, who reinstates segregation and takes on a slave, to understand why white people have no standing, by definition, to pronounce, let alone act upon, the prejudice experienced by black, brown, yellow, orange or dusk-colored people. By the way, it is because I read this defining book that I revised my personal mission to “vlog in a post-PC world without apologies). Now, if only I could write 1/10 as well as Beatty!