Daily Mind-ful 8 May 2017

Looking for a new emoji catalogue/resource/foundry. Please suggest! My business idea for a new emoji business (not actually mentioned in the video) is this one: Emojis by top contemporary artists (not free), with artists compensated through a royalty system. Rather than low-brow or despicable, such an idea actually reflects the crossroads of where the art industry is NOW. It would be hypocritical and disingenuous to pretend that the art world, with its vaunted pretensions to purity, functions in a hermetically sealed world of idealism. Look at the recent Jeff Koons collection for LVMH, which, as usual (for him) actually takes the piss out of us viewers, the general public who mindlessly, obediently laps up his meta-critique of the art world without understanding that the joke is on us.
It’s awful and brilliant all at the same time; I’m also looking for free cloud-based photo editing software; I started a Facebook page for CultureVlog so that I can share third-party content efficiently. Join me there too; what did we do before computers and smartphones? My husband insists that I print out all bills and leave them on his desk, if I want them paid; I just updated my LinkedIn profile so that it’s no longer snarky and ironic. In case you’re interested, you can find my day job credentials here.